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Mission Statement

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As a whole, BlackOUT plans to infuse innovative and community-oriented art styles that foster audience participation and provoke discussion for a distinctly local, evolving, and memorable experience. BlackOUT is multisensory and atmospheric – our Reveals will exceed beyond its intimate setting between art and artist. BlackOUT is a breakthrough. It is a meticulously planned formulation to explore darkness itself… as an art medium. Our staff will display featured artworks in darkness to transform its environment – thus, our setting will create a vacuum that relies on our senses and forces its attendees to feel its own meaning.          Installations with selective lighting are purposely chosen to guide guests through the journey. It is up to the participant’s discretion to ultimately determine BlackOUT’s limits. At its center, BlackOUT embodies our philosophy that what you see with your eyes is only the surface of what is occurring in an art experience. This is the essence of conceptual art. In this way, each Reveal will also function as a shapeless artwork in itself, and every audience member a contributor. In this, we convert participants into artists. As this experience and interaction become part of the art, we will successfully blur the lines between artist, participant, and artwork. This also executes our second contemporary art philosophy: art can be anything, and anything can be art.


Our Co-Founders, Taryn Barnett and Antonio Permuy, launched the Tampa Bay Based Art Organization, BlackOUT Art, to reemphasize art and its historical value while simultaneously introducing a new scale of contemporary art to the public. Taryn Barnett and Antonio Permuy invite their audience to immerse themselves in highly innovative art installations outside of the typical public gallery to push and change the relationship between art, artist, and participant. 

BlackOUT Art's Co-Founders: Left to Right:

Taryn Barnett and Antonio Permuy


  • October 29, 2019: Taryn Barnett and Antonio Permuy, "Blank Slate," Community Exhibition and Launch Party, at The Historic Peninsula Inn, Gulfport, FL. 

  • December 5, 2019: Taryn Barnett and Antonio Permuy, "BlackOUT's Bathroom Retreat," Bathroom Installations, at JADA Art Fair, Miami Beach, Florida. 

  • December 8, 2019: Taryn Barnett and Antonio Permuy, "BlackOUT'S Banana: The Massacre of Originality," Pop-Up Installation, at Lincoln Mall Road, Miami, Florida. 

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