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Art and Retraction: A Pandemic Vortex

What a world we live in.

We are three months into the start of a new decade and are already in turbulent times. Restrained with environmental controversies and a pandemic, we are functioning in unfortunate fantastic climates made up by Kurt Vonnegut and George Orwell. Our previous lives are gone and snatched from us instead replaced with scenes that are foreign. Adapting to a new normal is our only solution. The introduction of the coronavirus sets up unique experiences that forces us to question the basic foundations of our modern society. The coronavirus reveals long-term issues within society that have yet to be addressed despite dealing with similar outbreaks in previous centuries. It is imperative that we take action before our current issues evolve into something we cannot contain.

Our present existence fluctuates with every breaking news update. All business ventures hang in the balance and will not come out unscathed. We can be certain of eventual political and economic upheaval although major traumatic ripples have yet to be reported. Our sole resolution is to stand victorious amid burgeoning chaos.

Thus, the coronavirus pandemic is an unavoidable and potent vortex that we cannot escape. The coronavirus exponentially impacted decades of persistent activism and other related nonprofits and limited liability companies. Cultural organizations akin to art, natural sciences, historic preservation, and wildlife conservation are all affected. The magnitude of the effects of the coronavirus will be devastating, whether psychological or physical. The coronavirus is compressing generational challenges into a single and intensified struggle. However, we now have a rare opportunity to change our trajectory and reassess the legislations that are commonly neglected.

Artists must support other artists at this time.

As a whole, artists provide sensational images of the collective psyche of a society in any given time. Artists are deciphers of a creative language that speak in invisible, subconscious messages. Pivotal art movements stem from macabre turning points in history: DADA, Futurism, and Abstract Expressionism to list a few.

The coronavirus will force people to make a choice to either retreat into the element of survivalism or to adapt to our new environment.

The twenty-first century emphasizes innovation, modern medicine, and technology. The BlackOUT Art team proposes to face this pandemic headfirst by transforming the momentum into art that advocates for change: Crisis Art. BlackOUT Art proposes a business model that is both fluid and flexible to exploit the confines of self-isolation on the online market. We recommend businesses to explore and expand their social media platforms to cater to virtual exhibitions and online shopping.

BlackOUT Art wishes to highlight the online market to found a global wave that is digital and accessible. Use this quarantine period to fuel your own strength. Challenge and defy your limitations by freeing yourself of any self-imposed restraints that are in our power to change.

Our actions will pave the way for a future that is up to us to carve.

In the words of a wiseman: “Tomorrow Belongs to Those Who Can Hear It Coming...

Welcome to The Vortex,

BlackOUT Art

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